The reviewer comments are mentioning that it is unclear that the discount will be available to all ocupants of the buildings, however according to the LEED reference guide this alternative complianche path is to provide the discount to BUILDING CUSTOMERS.

On a tipical operation on an office building the right to use parking facilities is included on the monthly bill. This bill never specifies what percentage belongs for a particular user/worker for his/her parking space so it is not clear how a discount can be granted.

We will provide documentation stating that ALL BUILDING VISITORS will be granted a discount if they arrive to Torre Norte using a low emission/fuel efficient vehicles.

However for FTE for the office space, since these are people who will work there and do not pay a fee for the daily use of parking (it is already included on the monthly bill that the company they work for will pay for renting).

The developer will do what is required to comply with credit requirements, however please advise how to make extensible this discount to FTE of office building, or if it is sufficient to make the discount available only to BUILDING VISITORS.