Hi everyone,

We are working on a Residential New Construction Project, compound of more than 100 apartments, pursuing Option D - Calibrated Simulation. All apartments will have their own utility electric meter, and the associated bills will be paid directly by the tenants.

Energy consumption related with the common areas and shared equipment will be metered separately using electric sub-meters for HVAC, Lighting and Process Loads...

In order to expand the submetering inside the apartments we are evaluating to use the Lighting Central Management System monitor the lighting consumption of each apartment. This system could be extended to include monitoring of the HVAC equipment, so you could know the running time of the equipment and estimate the energy use. This option represents an indirect measurement of the energy end-uses of each apartment.

Since IPMVP only mentions main meters and sub-meters in the Calibrated Simulation option, is the indirect measurement proposed valid to comply the requirements of the protocol?

Any clarifications would be helpful in order to establish an option for sub-measurement inside the apartments.