I'm wondering if anyone has any insights into applying this credit to a building with distinct spaces/occupancies. A common building type we work with is an academic building adjoining a dorm. So there's some basically one story or low-rise public space, and then multiple floors limited to residents. A dorm is often a good candidate for this credit as the stairs are accessible from all floors and  fitness amenities are common, but I'm wondering if anyone has experience assessing which requirements are met when not all occupants are served by the same stairs/amenities. 

For example, a 2-story academic podium with 8-story residential tower - if all floors are accessible by stair, but only the academic stair meets enough of the openness/lighting/etc requirements, can the project as a whole qualify?

Or, a dorm with a fitness center that is only accessible by residents - would academic/admin staff also need access to meet that requirement?