Hi Markus,
I'd like to ask you for your opinion and advice about applying these values following the case described below.

In LEED glossary such spaces are determined as 25 people per 100 sq ft.
When applying DCV however, this value is 40 per 1000 sq. ft.

The confusion comes, because both ratios are called "Densely occupied space".
When it concerns IEQp1, normally the reviewers are OK with 40 per 1000 ratio, but sometimes they say that because the ratio exceeds 25 per 1000, in such rooms there should be CO2 sensors.

Normally these sensors are controlling DCV (which compiles to 40 per 1000 ratio).
If there is no DCV, because of ratio of 30 per 1000 (example) and by applying CO2 sensors, what these sensors are going to control in such situation?

Could you please advice what could be the explanation to reviewers when they are referring to comply to 25 per 1000 ratio. Should IEQp1 be revised to reflect it, although there is no DCV required or designed.