There is an existing multitenant office building that is undergoing some renovation. The building will be in a shell and core state after renovation, e.g. no new floors,ceilings or seperating walls will be added; however, the demolition of the floor coverings will partly be done. The following works are being done: replacement and improvement of central boilers and AHU's; replacement and improvement of fan-coils and air ducts in every office area (landscaped offices); new lifts; major architectural renovation in lobby and lift vestibules. However, there will be minimal renovation in the building skin; the roof is not being touched and there will only be replacement of one door on the building skin. The chillers will not be replaced but the electrical system and BMS will be undergoing some improvement. Based on your experiance, can this go for LEED Core and Shell? What is the process of getting this GBCI approved? writing a CIR is not an option as the building is not yet registered and will not be registered until it is anticipated to fit in the system. Thanks, Adrienn