Hi Marcus,

We are involved on a Data Center LEED project and USGBC requires whole building energy modelling.

Gross cooling capacity SUM (kW) 33.992 with a PUE value 1,153 (predicted power usage effectiveness).

Since energy savings from the unregulated IT systems are going to be claimed through the Data Center Calculator provided by USGBC, we only justify 12% savings (Server Virtualization, Compute, Main Frame…), so we would like to justify energy saving from the whole building energy consumption.

The Cooling Generation Module (One water cooled 1.650 kW capacity Turbo compressor chiller and Two DryCoolers) will allow for free cooling when outside temperature is below 20ºC (production temperatures are 20 ºC (supply) and 32 ºC (return)), this will reduce significatively overall energy (freecoling).

The question is related to the Baseline modelling conditions. Should we model the baseline as System 8 (ASHRA 90.1-2010) to secure that all CRAC (computer room air conditioning) units receive 25ºC AIR Supply Temp and 37ºC AIR Return Temp and then compare the energy cost with Proposed Building. Office will be served by a DX system.