Hi All,

I have few doubts regarding energy modeling of data center which I have listed down below.

  1. For energy modeling of data center, LEED requires 2 proposed case models, one with initial IT load & other with full IT loading and one baseline case model with full IT loading. And from the minimum energy performance calculator & LEED data center calculator, I come to know that average of full IT load + startup IT load option is provided to show energy savings. So, to show energy savings do we require another baseline model with startup IT load similar to proposed case? Since comparing the baseline with full IT loading against the average of 2 proposed case models will not be right approach?
  2.  If a project is having full maximum load during initial start (i.e.) within 10 months of occupancy, is it still required to have a proposed case model with initial IT load?
  3. The LEED V4 reference guide mentions that “model 2 - Proposed model with initial IT loading” is used for the initial loading PUE condition.  So, if showing savings only with full IT loading, why PUE has to be calculated for model 2?
  4. Does calculating PUE has any impact with energy savings?

Please clarify. Thanks in advance.