We have an office building project. Circulation, F&B and reception areas have high enough density that they will require CO2 sensors for this credit. We can comply with LEED requirements for these areas.

All office tenant lease areas are designed as <25people/93m2, so should not require CO2 sensors. However, most tenants are likely to fit-out meeting rooms within their lease space which should have CO2 monitors. The project owner has allowed for 3 sensors per office floor, and we are suggesting there could be a green lease agreement requiring the tenants to install these sensors according to LEED requirements in meeting rooms or other densely occupied areas.

I'm not sure if we can get all the tenant leases signed or not by the time of submission, but this is likely to be challenging. Do you think we have a case for achieving this credit given the project owner is willing to do as much as they can, the tenant will only need to place the sensor?

Or can we just claim that the office space is all not densely occupied (also demonstrated in EQp1) considering the tenant fit-out is out of scope?