Dear GBCI,

one of our client is a developer of industrial parks and is now starting a new project in Portugal with the following characteristics:

-one single new industrial building with GFA = 30.000 m2;

-the building will be developed as an open-space to future commercialization;

-future tenants will be mainly, logistics companies;

-the number of tenants, and therefore the number of independent internal zones to be created, only be known after project commercialization;

-the fit-out specification of each zone will be developed according to future tenants specifications;

-our client is available to consider a tenant lease agreement in order to guarantee, where applicable and necessary, LEED requirements during zone’s fit-out.

We would like to certify this industrial building using a “Core & Shell” version of the “LEED BD+C: Warehouses and Distribution Centers”. Is it possible?

Example 1: LEED Credit LT Surrounding Density and Diverse Uses

Core & Shell: number of points depends on surrounding density and proximity to diverse uses;

Warehouses and Distribution Centers: number of points depends on previous status of the site and surroundings (previously developed / greenfield) and proximity to transportation resources;

In this credit, the “Warehouses and Distribution Centers” approach fits better our project.

Example 2: LEED Credit EQ Interior Lighting

Core & Shell: not applicable to Core & Shell;

Warehouses and Distribution Centers: applicable;

This credit should not be applicable to our project because interior zones fit-out specification is a responsibility of future tenants. Therefore, in this case, the “Core and Shell” approach fits better our project.

Can you give us some guidance on this issue? We would like very much to apply LEED in this project!

Thanks in advance,