Hello to all LEED users,

I have a project which is a new construction of an Office building. The Owner will rent each floor to tenants. Each Floor    will be designed as an Open Plan Office and then the Tenats will decide for the initial partitions, the extract place for the plugs, lights  etc.. 

The LEED definition for Core and Shell is:  

« LEED BD+C: Core and Shell Development. Buildings that are new construction or major renovation for the exterior shell and core mechanical, electrical, and plumbing units, but not a complete interior fit-out. LEED BD+C: Core and Shell is the appropriate rating system to use if more than 40% of the gross floor area is incomplete at the time of certification»  

In this project the Open Plan Offices are greater than 40% of the Gross Floor Area.

In my Opinion this buidling would be under rating system Core and Shell. What do you thin on that?

Do you have an advice on that?  Will the reviewers need an narrative why I have choosen  Core and Shell?

Thank you