In the above "Checklist" tab it states the following language:
Commercial Interiors projects must include in the water-use calculations any water fixtures that are being used by occupants, even if the installation of the fixtures is not within the scope of the project. For example, an office project that is not updating the base buildingwill still need to include the core bathroom fixtures in the LEED water use calculation.

However, in a review comment, GBCI says the following:

All applicable fixtures located within the LEED-CI project boundary as well as fixtures located outside of the LEED-CI project boundary which are installed or modified as part of the scope of work must be included in the calculations for the prerequisite.

These statements seem to contradict. One is saying to include all fixtures the occupants are assumed to use even if outside scope and other says to only include those fixtures installed or modified in or outside scope.

Does anyone have insight into this? I am so confused by this. The core bathrooms in our project is not in the scope of work and the team is only installing kitchen faucets in the LEED-CI project scope. Can we only include those kitchen faucets? Or do we need to also include the core bathrooms even though we do not have any control over them?

Thank you in advance! This has been driving me crazy.