At first I thought we had this credit in the bag because we were maintaining somewhere around 70% of existing walls, floors, ceilings, etc. That is to say-what was in our space to begin with (that was non-structural and non-shell) was mostly being reused. After getting into the form on LEED Online, it seems to be a whole different story! Apparently I have to enter in not only what was existing and what was retained but also what the final square footage of new construction was. This seems to me completely arbitrary and in direct conflict of the credit intent and language. " Maintain at least 40% or 60% by area of the existing non-shell and non-structural components." I don't understand what any new construction on my project has to do with what we reused that was already existing. Does anyone have guidance as to if I am interpreting this correctly or not? Or any experience in documenting this credit?

Thank you