Dear All,

I have a project that's located in Europe. The buiding will have an accessible roof terrace which will be paved with white concrete pavers. The manufacturer does not offer any documentation with indication of SR or SRI for its products. Therefore, I intend to refer to  LEED v.2009 manual which in SSc7.1 lists the following properties for white concrete: emissivity of 0.9, reflectance 0.7 and SRI of 86.

According to LEEV v.4 requirements, initial SRI for a roof material has to be 82. So white concrete default value would exceed this value. However, based on CIR # 10411, which lists a 3-year aged value of white concrete of 0.35, it would not meet the LEED v.4  3-year aged SRI of 64.

At the same time, the LEED requirement for a 3-year SR for a paving material is 0.28. In which case, white concrete would meet it.

Hence, two questions:

1. Is my approach of basing a particular product's SRI values based on the LEED manual and CIR valid?

2. Would the 3-year SR/SRI value be accepted by GBCI given the above?

Thank you!

There is also CIR #10411 which lists initial solar reflectance 0.70 and 3-year solar reflectance of 0.35.