What's the proper methodology for the following situation?

Let's say I'm modeling a building that qualifies for a System #5 VAV baseline system and the four different spaces have different operating hours through out the week as follows:

Space 1: Monday 8am-10am
Space 2: Wednesday 6pm-8pm
Space 3: Thursday 12pm-6pm
Space 4: Saturday 10am-4pm

None of these spaces vary anywhere close to 40 full-load hours per week from the others, so no exception can be taken to split them off from the VAV system. So what operating schedule do you now use for the spaces and to set the occupied/unoccupied periods for the HVAC controls? Do you leave the spaces with their own individual occupancy schedules and create a new schedule for the HVAC controls that is kind of a sum of all the hours any one of the spaces could possibly be occupied? Or do you set one schedule as kind of an average for the occupancies of each space and make a matching schedule for the HVAC controls?