We are working as an independent commissioning authority (ICA) for a LEED V3 registered project with the following configuration;

7 residential towers located on a shared amenities floor, two podium parking floors and a ground floor has been registered as 7 individually projects pursuing separate LEED certification for each tower.

LEED CIR responses received by the LEED AP specifically for the Project has allowed each of the 7 towers to be independently submitted for LEED certification.  The CIR also allows preparation of one commissioning report for all shared amenities/podiums/ground floor MEP systems that is to be submitted with the independently registered tower LEED Submission packages.

The ground and podium level includes MEP plant rooms (ETS room, LV room, water tanks etc.) dedicated respectively for each tower.

However, several MEP systems such as parking lighting, lighting control, Extract Fan and CO sensors  within the Ground and podium levels are interconnected by design and shared between the towers. These MEP systems cannot be split separately and added to each tower.

Several retail areas of  more than 12000 Sq.ft located at the ground level have been considered as non-LEED certifiable space by the LEED AP since the spaces are non-contagious/independent (Air distribution is independent, energy and water are sub-metered to segregate from the certifying towers).

A Gym with an area of 2525 Sq.ft located on Amenity floor (top portion for podium floor)  has also been considered  as non-LEED certifiable space by the LEED AP. However ,the chilled water for the Gym cooling is supplied from one of the tower without a btu meter.

The LEED CIR also abruptly confirms acceptance of submission of one commissioning report for common Podium and Ground Floor . However, being aware that the MEP systems of the shared/common floor cannot be split, we are concerned on the LEED Commissioning documentation.

Considering the above scenario, we are seeking for any advice on LEED acceptable options considering the above situation with specific emphasis on commissioning documentation and LEED acceptance especially since the concerned LEED AP has not risen these MEP systems mixup aspects in their CIR to LEED.