A typical commercial kitchen has a large makeup air unit that provides air to a hood over the cooking surfaces, several exhaust fans, and (in our case) a large central cooling-only 0% OA AHU that provides cool air to the space.

I am puzzling over how to shoehorn this situation into the 62MZcalc spreadsheet.

Let's say I have 100% OA supply air at the hood of 1700 CFM, exhaust air at the hood of 2100 CFM. You can do the math and see 400 CFM of this exhaust air comes from "somewhere else" (Transfer air?). I am not sure how one handles transfer air in the 62MZcalc spreadsheet. Some fraction of the 1700 CFM hood supply air ends up in the kitchen, most of it gets swept up with the exhaust. 100% OA supply air is delivered at essentially room temperature, but right near the exhaust, so 100% Ez would not be appropriate.

What would you use for Ez zone air distribution effectivess? Would Supply air be "1700 CFM 100% outside air" in this case?

Would it be appropriate to use an Ez of 0.5, for "supply air near exhaust", counting the kitchen hood supply as the fresh air?