the project is a restaurant focused on wine, located in Barcelona (Spain). We’ve got many problems in finding Energy star certified products in European market for many applications, so we cannot accomplish the 50% of certified equipments required by EA prerequisite 2:

1. We cannot find Energy Star certified equipment for the following applications:
- Professional LCD bigger than 30”
- Digital Signage
- Switch
- Electric fryers and grills which could fit inside a kitchen furniture
- Combi Oven
- Salamander grill with CE mark
Can we consider all the power related to these appliances 0w?

2. The fridges & refrigerators in the kitchen are size made by a local company and can’t be Energy star because are not standardized. Do we need to include their power in ENERGY STAR RATED EQUIPMENT Table?

3. Some European equipments (i.e., dishwasher) has not energy star label but accomplish with the requirements about energy and water efficiency. Can we use these equipments if we present a letter from the manufacturing justifying that they comply with the requirements although have not the certification?

Thank you in advnace. Best regards,