We are attempting Op. 2: Community Connectivity on a college campus. We have plenty of services on campus that are open to the general public to meet the requirements. In fact, the project building MUST make use of the campus services, as anything off campus is outside the 0.5-mi radius.

However, many of these services are centralized in campus buildings. For example, the Arts building houses a theater as well as an art gallery. The Campus Center building houses dining areas, the religious ministries offices, the bookstore, and community center. (Note, these services are NOT located in the project building, but in other buildings on campus. The project building itself is strictly academic.)

To me, it makes perfect sense that multiple services would be grouped in campus buildings, rather than housed individually, as it increases density. But the Reviewer has made this comment: "as illustrated in the LEED BC+C v2009 Reference Guide sample map, it is the intent that services counted towards the compliance for this credit are distinctly operated and addressed services."

My questions are the following:

1) WHERE in the v3 reference guide does it actually say that services must be "distinctly operated"? I do not see this anywhere. On a campus setting, this doesn't even make sense. As long as the services exist, are inside the radius, and open to the public, why do they need to be operated by separate entities and have separate addresses? To rely on the "sample map" is absurd, as it is very much NOT clear on the map that these MUST be separate addresses and operators.

2) As noted above, the services sharing a building location are NOT in the project building. The only reference I can find to the mixed-use requirement references the project building, as in:
"The project building itself cannot be considered 1 of the 10 basic services; however, in a mixed-use building, a maximum of 1 service withing the building may be counted as 1 of the 10."
To me, this very clearly is about the project building, not other buildings in the area.

Can someone please clarify, comment, or otherwise share their thoughts/experience on this?