Good morning,

We have a project that has two cold rooms at -17 and 0 degrees Fahrenheit. These rooms are temporary storage locations of perishable product.
They will be regularly occupied but only for short shifts (around half an hour).

These cold rooms (as with most cold rooms) do not have a fresh air supply to them. It would not be practical to supply fresh air to them, as this would result in huge energy uses and a much more expensive system. The rooms are very large, will frequently have doors opened and closed, and are only occupied by a few occupants
I can find no reference anywhere in ASHRAE 62.1 regarding cold rooms.

Is there anyway in which I can exclude these rooms from the requirements of ASHRAE 62.1 for IEQp1?
I can find no other interpretation result speaking to this.

Also the cold rooms are acceptable according to the local code.

Thank you