In one of our Projects with residential spaces, we are required to provided CO sensors for every residential unit. This is a mandatory requirement under the pre-requisite. The same was confirmed to comply in the LEED design submission. 

However, we would like to inform that all our residential spaces do not have any provision of combustion, other than the kitchen. The kitchen is well ventilated and exhaust hoods are provided for each cooking range. As per our understanding from the pre-requisite, CO sensors are provisioned where there are indoor fireplaces and woodstoves. In our project we don’t have any fireplaces and woodstoves.

To avoid technical complexity associated with CO sensors, associated philosophy, and cost to the client, can there be an option to avoid providing CO sensors even if the same was finalised in the design. If required, we are open to writing the same to the LEED reviewer.

Please advise on the above.