I am currently working on a project in Kenya. The cooling load for the commercial office tower is around 1900RT. This project will attempt for LEED CS and will be targeting Silver rating. Water-cooled chillers are rarely used in Kenya due to the unreliability of water supply and with a less harsh climatic conditions, air-cool chillers seems to be more popular.

However, the developer does not wish to provide ACMV system for the tenanted space. The performance and specification will be included in the tenancy agreement and tenants' fit out work shall adhere to those guidelines.

Noting that this project is attempting LEED certification, the modeling baseline will be System 8 with chiller COP of 6.1. My question is:
1. Will GBCI disqualify this project if the developer if not providing ACMV system for the tenanted space but only for the core and shell?
2. Will GBCI penalize this project if the entire 1900RT is addressed solely by individual VRF/VRV system instead of water-cooled or air-cooled chiller system?

Much appreciate your comments. Thank you.

Principal ESD Consultant