Hi All,


I am doing Energy Model for LEED CI Project under V3 2009 Rating System. The project is G+10 typical floors. Our tenant’s office is located at 9th Floor. Tenant’s spaces are conditioned by FCU connected with district cooling plant. Fresh air provided via the separate duct from FAHU.

Tenant level energy simulation has carried out considering Appendix G for project space and rest of the floors/spaces are modelled as a simple box to get an impact as built. Cooling capacities, air flow of FCU, lighting design and fan powers are considered as per the tenant’s design.

Gross Floor Area = 200,000 sq.ft, Conditioned Area = 170,000 sq.ft

Project’s Gross Floor Area = 1,100 sq.ft, Project’s Conditioned Area = 1,000 sq.ft,

Please help me by answering the below question.

1. In Baseline Energy Model, I have considered System 8 – VAV with PFP Boxes. Since the total floor is 10. As per the Table 6.8.1C, the Base case COP is 4.45 because the cooling capacity of project space (not whole building) is only 6 tons. Is this correct?

2. In proposed case, 4.18 COP has considered excluding the 5% thermal distribution loss as per DES Guidance. Is this correct?

3. Proposed pump power is calculated based on the GPM/ton proposed for the project space. Is this correct?

4. From the above, Base case COP is higher than the proposed case and the project is not able to meet the required energy savings 15%. Any advice from your side will be helpful.