Hi. I would like to ask on the requirement of EVSE.

According to the reference guide, the EVSE should meet 3 requirements as below for pursuing the Credit: Green Vehicles;

1. Level 2 charging capacity;

2. Compliance of IEC 62196 or other relevant standards; and

3. Being networked or internet addressable and be capable of participating in a demand-response program or time-of-use pricing to encourage off-peak charging.

Regarding the last requirement, my understanding is that the charging fee or chargable hours would be changed upon the demand of electricity (Sorry I'm not good at English). I have researched the ESVEs which can be purchaed in Korea, but no ESVE including automatic demand response via the network is identified.

However, I found an ESVE which offers that the building owner or manager can change chargable hours. In Korea, the fee of electricity is decided upon the timing and season. So if the building owner or manager choose the chargable hours and let EV users charge at off-peak, would this credit be achievable?

Thank you for you consideration in advance!