I am working on a LEED CS v.2009 project greater than 300 000 sf.
In the LEED Online form I have to fill out number of changing facilities and number of showers. The table then automatically tells me if I have enough compliant showers or changing facilities by taking the lowest number. I have manually calculated that I have to have 9 showers and 60 bicycle spaces. However, if I wish to have 2 changing rooms and have 5 showers in each, the form says I only have 2 compliant showers or changing facilities, and is not enough. Only when I enter 9 changing facilities and 9 showers the form says I have enough showers and changing facilites. It can't be right that we have to have one changing facilitie per shower?? Or what does LEED count as a changing facilitie? In the credit title it says changing room. Does changing facilities mean room for people to change, or lockers??