Apr 20 2016


CCHP System modeling

Project Location: Japan

My project is provided by CCHP system which owned by third party, the CCHP has two gas generators, one heat recovered gas absorption chiller, two normal chillers and two boilers.
1)chilled water loop: absorption chiller + normal chillers, 100% chilled water is supplied to our Project A,
2)Hot water loop: absorption chiller +boilers ; 100% hot water is supplied to our Project A;
3)Recovered Heat from generators: about 53% is used for operating absorption chiller , other 47% is supply for another building B;
4)Electricity: electricity will be supplied to four buildings, included building A , B and C, D
My question is : 1) shall we follow Appendix C and D in DES methodology since 100% chilled water and hot water is provided to our project ?
2) We use gas absorption chiller in the modelling since it has chilled water and hot water, but we found we can't use recovered heat from generator by directly connect to genertor since gas absorption chiller only has one hot water loop, so we abstracted recovered heat energy from gas consumption, is it accpetable?