For an office project we are working on, the tenant is only responsible for their electric consumption and will not have any other fuel source dedicated for them. The building is heated via district steam but is (most likely) folded into the rent.

When using the Prescriptive Option for purchasing RECs and/or green power, the reference guide states to use the "appropriate EUI from the CBECS database" to calculated both electric and non-electric energy consumption.

My question is, if my project will only be responsible for the electric consumption they have, and will not directly consume any other fuel within their scope of work, do I only use the electric CBECS EUI value (17.3 kWh/sf per the Renewable Energy credit EAc4) and ignore the non-electric CBECS data? Or, do I need to include both the electric and non-electric EUI values from CBECS as part of my green power credit requirements?

Question part 2 - can we use the 2012 CBECS data in lieu of the EAc4 data?