Hello all,
I have a difficulty in determining the appropriate LEED rating system for a project, and I hope that you all can tell me what rating system is best suited to the project:

The project owner (say Company X), is planning to set an entirely new business (factory) in our country, but they haven't got the experience. On the other hand, Company Y, who runs the business in question, needed a new factory location, but don't have the fund. So Company X agreed to provide new location for Company Y, in exchange that they will help Company X in setting up the business, so it really is a win-win situation.

The plan is that the owner will build two buildings (each consists of factory and office space) in 2 phases. First is to construct building "A" designated for Company Y to operate, and in the next phase, building "B" will be built for Company X (owner). Both will have the same building design and floor area size.

So what is the appropriate LEED rating system for registering this project in the LEED online? Do we need to register it in two different NC projects or one under campus project? Does the first phase can be registered in NC or have to be in CS, since Company Y is not the owner and don't have the authority. And how about the certification fees for this?
Please share your opinion on this. Thanks.