We just received comments back from review for the construction credits on a product and several of our industry-wide EPDs were flagged because they did not include conformance to ISO 21930 or EN 15804. If these EPDs are still conforming to the ISO 14044 standard, could I still track them as a product-specific declaration to contribute 1/4 of a product count? I just wonder if since it is a bulk report from multiple manufacturers, it may not even qualify for that.

Additionally, have you seen products that are logged on the UL Spot platform for meeting the LEEDv4 EPD requirements, yet they do not show conformance to either ISO 21930 or EN 15804? We have seen several products that are on the UL site that do not meet that requirement and am wondering if there is any way around it in order to still contribute credits. If these are specific products, third-party verified by UL but not meeting that final referenced standard, could we log them at least as product-specific declarations?