I have new LEED-NC project for a building on a college campus. It will be the Owner's first LEED building (and deplete any bond funding) on that campus, and they barely have allocated funds for the LEED consultant to take the design -build project through individual LEED-NC project certification, so I assume this is the certification path we will proceed on (and thus NOT utilize AGBMC in registering it as the first project building under a 'Block Master Site registration.) Can the Owner come back sometime in the future --say 3-4 years from now, and have me Register a Master Site for the whole campus to utilize the AGMBC for future projects--and can I then somehow transfer/import this first individual NC project back into the Master site 'block' if that's when the Owner sees the benefit of using the block registration for future campus buildings? It would be nice to have all the documentation under one block listing so the owner could open up any of the campus buildings from the "Block" listing, even if this first building was completed before they came around to registering the Master Site. AND if not, then how do I treat this LEED certified project in my Master Site block?

Appreciate your guidance so I know how to convey future options for LEED certified campus buildings to the Owner.