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I am doing Energy Model as per design documents of office space which has target for LEED ID+C Gold v4.

The baseline system should be System 8 (VAV with PFP boxes - WC Chiller). But the project space is getting chilled water from air cooled chiller yard. Even considering the various ECM (LPD reduction, efficient air side system with VAV, HRW, Chiller pump with VFD), the project is getting negative savings only. Here,the COP of baseline energy model is playing vital role. So, we have decided to consider the air cooled chiller as central plant with respect to below mentioned guideline.

Path 1. ASHRAE 90.1–2010, Appendix G
Model the proposed and baseline designs using purchased energy according to ASHRAE 90.1–2010, Appendix G. The
project may be modeled using purchased energy even if the building’s central plant generates the thermal energy for
the project space.

  1. Whether this approach is applicable/right to proceed? 
  2. Is there any list of systems other than District Cooling Plant that can be considered as central plant.

Please advise...

Thanks once again...Have a nice day to all.