We have a Campus project with 1 existing LEED certified building and 2 new buildings to be constructed on a Mastersite that is owned and operated by one company. The 2 new buildings will be constructed during the same time period by one contractor. Also, there are plans for future projects on the Mastersie.
We plan to implement the ESC measures in a way that the existing building and the area outside the Mastersite will be protected from the disturbances of the construction activities. Some ESC measures will be placed outside the site bundaries of the 2 new buildings, but within the mastersite and used for compliance by both projects (tire washing at the mastersite entrance etc.).
In this case we see it reasonable to prepare one joint ESC plan for the whole site, with dedicated sections for the 2 projects. Our problem is that the USGBC guidance for Campus credits doen't allow this credit to be documented togeother.
Does anyone have experience with this type of project? Is it safe to proceeed with the joint ESC plan?