We have a gated Residential Compound consisting of around 60 buildings - 4 to 5 stories high - different models. The buildings are distributed on two main pieces of land of equal areas separated by a main road. the whole compound is owned and will be operated by one developer. 4 out of the 60 residential buildings have commercial stores on the first floor. There is also one social club building + one commercial and administrative building (area 70,000 sf and gross area is 200,000 sf) + one nursery. The total land area is 3,000,000 sf - the actual building area is 700,000 sf - The Gross building area is 2,800,000 sf.

We want to propose to the client the following approaches :
1- ND-plan with certification of the commercial and administrative building (the problem is NPDp3 - connectivity because of the gated aspect)
2- Certifying the whole lot using Campus approach and LEED BD+C Core and Shell.
3- Only certifying the club (NC) and the mall (core and shell)
Are these approaches technically applicable ? are we getting it right?