We have a dormitory project at a US Naval Installation in Djibouti, Africa. Specifically - many many miles and miles, where the ground is basically dirt and rocks supporting no life - no vegetation, wildlife, water, etc.

We received the following design review comment:
"1. The form does not indicate that the project is located outside of the U.S., and therefore, no documentation has been provided confirming that local equivalents have been used and are equivalent to the referenced standards. Note that additional information is required for international projects to demonstrate credit compliance. Provide documentation demonstrating that an analysis between the local code(s) and the referenced US standard(s) has been completed to confirm that the local codes are at least as stringent (in all respects) as the standards referenced for this credit. Revise the form to indicate that the project is located outside the U.S. and using a local equivalent standard."

Are we ineligible for this credit if there are NO equivalent local standards?