We are currently carrying out a DATA CENTER in France for which we aim for a LEED certification. We have some problems interpreting the EAp1 requirement and perhaps you can help us answer our questions.

Would you tell us the methodology for calculating energy :

  • global dynamic thermal simulation ? or an other methodology ?
  • Can we or do we have to use the ASHRAE 90.4 standard that better matches the data center building ?
  • as we understand on the guide, two models have to be created: one for building energy cost and the other for IT equipment energy cost?
  • Calculate the performance of the reference building for both models?
  • PUE calcul for the project: to be integrated into the complete modeling? (dynamic thermal simulation?)

Should it be compared to a reference PUE? if so how to calculate the reference PUE?

  • The Excel LEED Minimum Energy Performance Dater Center Calculator can calculate the performance/reference consumption of the Data Center process? (= Reference PUE?)

This tool can obviously calculate the gain on the process and could be re-injected directly into a global modelory or used alone to quantify the performance of the project?

So you don't need to do a complete model? Is the calculation of the PUE - the gain on it still necessary?

In the event that the project's performance is calculated with the Minimum Energy Performance Dater Center Calculator, this is an estimate since the gains on the CVC associated with the small power process are not taken into account.

Is this sufficient for the assessment of the points and the drafting of the report?

Thank you in advance for your answers that will allow us to unlock our project from an energy point of view.

waiting for your answers i thank you in advance.