This question is about calculating FTE for WEc2 & WEc3 under NC2.2.
In the design review of our project, GBCI has told us we should be using "typical/average daily occupancy" to calculate the FTE/
Transient occupancy for these 2 credits. We thought we were. We have
36 full time employees (50/50 male/female) plus 142 employees that
are in the office for an hour in the morning and an hour at the end
of the day (100 male plus 42 female). These employees consist of
delivery drivers and the outside sales force. We entered these 142
employees in the table under "Student/Visitor" in lieu of equating
them to FTE's so they will not be included in a group that calculates
shower and kitchen sink usage since they do not use these. Are we
calculating this correctly (as "typical/average daily occupancy")?
If not, how should we be calculating it? Thank you!