Hello everyone, I have a project with the following conditioned area categorization.

1st to 5h Floor are composed by:

Assembly areas: 59,232 sq ft (considering hotel service areas such as restaurant, bar, gym, and convention center)

Retail: 70,060 sq ft 

Office area: 4,485.42 sq ft (hotel administrative areas)

5th to 24th floor is merely only guest rooms:

Hotel: 122,318 sq ft

For system designation, I was wondering... retail, assembly and office areas differ in operational schedules in a daily basis since, retail and assembly still function in sundays when offices are unoccupied. However they don't really differ from operation in weekly hours (50.50, 46.30, and 48.60 weekly hours respectively)

Could I add up this three zone areas for creating a system 6 for HVAC purposes, with assembly/retail schedule or should I exclude the office areas and create its corresponding system 4 for zone with office schedule?

Also, for lighting purposes, my intention is to use 4 space classification areas: Office 1.0 W/ft2, Convention center 1.2 w/ft2, Retail 1.5 w/ft2 and hotel 1.0 w/ft2, these 4 classification areas would be the same for plug load designation.