Hi LEED User team,

We´re working on a CI project that is build on a CS pre-certified building (the building is not finished yet). The building will have 58 racks (The minimum was 22 racks but the project team decide use 58). The racks are for public use on the building (Not a public racks for every one that works in the area, only for the building workers and visitors).

The project will have in peak period 128 persons. So we need 7 racks to achieve the credit (5% FTE).

How can i document that in the form?. Using the 58 racks or 7 racks. I´m confused because the guide says when the capacity cannot be reserved for a specific tenant space i must use the complete building population. And the project don't have a reserved space in the racks, so everybody (worker or visitor) can use the rack who wants to use.


José Ng