Dear Concern:-

we have used Bermuda grass in our Landscape and it is native plant in Bangladesh region but now the reviewer denied it as Bermuda grass is not a native or adaptive plants so please clarify how to overcome the issue and how to get this point

Review comment:-

" Additional documentation has been provided demonstrating that the project has restored or protected at least 50% of the project site excluding the building footprint. However, the calculations continue to include the turf grass areas and it does not appear that these areas comply with LEED Interpretation 5953. For example, WEc1: Water Efficient Landscaping indicates that the turf grass will be irrigated, and therefore, it will be maintained on a regular basis. Additionally, bermuda grass is not native or adapted to the local region. Therefore, less than 50% of the project site (excluding the building footprint) will use native or adapted vegetation. The documentation does not demonstrate compliance. " 

we have listed the links for proof of Bemuda grass as native and adaptive plant

Link 1 :-

link 2 :-

link 3 :-