I understand that if view–preserving automated shades are incorporated, that the project need not comply with the 500fc requirement. Can someone please help clarify for me the logic that for exemption from this threshold that the shades must be automated?

For energy calculations, I understand the logic behind the practice having solar shading automated for their effect to be included. A building user when thermally uncomfortable is likely to adjust the thermostat before the solar shading. However, I do not think that this is not the case for daylight/glare. A building user who is subject to glare is very likely to make adjustments to the curtains, drapes or blinds on an as needed basis. Whereas with, an automated system, the shades are often triggered regardless of whether or not a building user is subject to glare.

Do other group members agree with the above or is it do they feel that it is an advantage to have automated shades for glare?