Hi all, I'm preparing to register a new project (new stadium) and would like to double check that it is a 'single building'. There will be retail shops/box offices/function rooms/storage sheds/etc on the concourse and not directly connected to the main stadium.

I believe it can be classed as a single building due to the following LEED statement:
- Buildings that are physically connected by programmable space are considered one building for LEED purposes unless they are physically distinct and have distinct identities as separate buildings

The statement I am worried about is:
- Buildings that have no physical connection or are physically connected only by circulation, parking, or mechanical/storage rooms are considered separate buildings and individual projects for LEED purposes, with the following exceptions:
o Primary and secondary school projects, hospitals (general medical and surgical), hotels, resorts, and resort properties, as defined by ENERGY STAR building rating purposes, may include more than one physically distinct building in a single LEED project. For new construction projects, each building in the application must be less than 25,000 sq. ft. Please contact USGBC if with any questions.
o For other cases such as buildings that have programmatic dependency (spaces – not personnel – within the building cannot function independently without the other building) or architectural cohesiveness (the building was designed to appear as one building), project teams are encouraged to contact USGBC to discuss their project prior to proceeding.

Would a stadium fall under the exceptions? Note that there are no separate buildings outside of the stadium. All of the areas in question (F&B retails/etc) are all within the concourse of the stadium.