I have a 11000 sqm warehouse (3 units) 24/7 in operation with natural ventilation, no cooling designed or required, heated to 15°C. The OA requirement is met by the level of infiltration of 0.1ACH, that gives over 0.3 L/s/m2, so the fresh air demand in both Baseline and Proposed is set to 0. The proposed system is similar to system-1 to mimic the operation of decentralised flued gas convectors, and there is also DX coil modelled, but the cooling set point  was adjusted to 70°C so that the cooling system never comes on in both proposed and baseline models.

Baseline selected as system-5 as per G3.1.1A 

The minimum VAV flowrate was set to 2.15L/s/m2 as per G3.1.3.13 (ASHRAE 90.1 2007) that is actually higher than the heating flow rate required to maintain 15°C set point.

Consequently the baseline system operates at constant flow rate through winter and summer that gives me a high energy usage, ie obtaining 40% saving in the favour of the proposed system that only operates in heating mode when there is a heating demand.
Is everything OK with this modelling scenario and accept this level of saving that my client is happy to hear? At the same time I want to be sure that the submission is not going to be rejected as I don't have a long LEED modelling experience.

Your assistance is highly appreciated if there is anything wrong with my scenario.