Hi Markus and colleagues,
There are few issues which I'd like to share, with a request for some advice related to the Baseline project modeling.
The project in question is a manufacturing facility for prefabricated foods - chocolates, biscuits, coffee, etc.
It is one whole building construction and it is to belong to System 7 (more than 400 000 sqft). The majority of the rooms/zones are located in one floor (80%) and the rest are in the second floor. There are some administrations parts, kitchen, laboratories - in one word non-manufacturing zones (about 35%) and the rest are the production areas. The issues I'm concerned are:
1. Systems.
For the non-production zones - I'm planning to model them (for the Baseline) as one system per floor, but for the production zones I'm thinking to model them the same way (identically) as they are in the Proposed. The Question is:
In such cases (production zones) should I stick to the G3.1.2.10 (heat recovery) requirements for the Baseline?
2. Plants.
Should I stick to rules applied to System 7 regardless what kind of plants are in the Proposed?
3. Separate (standing alone) service building in the project area.
There are one building for cooling & heating equipment and one building for pump station.
Should I model them separately and identically to the proposed or there are other rules I have to follow?
Your opinion on the issues would be highly appreciated.