In our project (registered as per LEEDv2009) there are several garage ventilations.
According to ASHRAE 62.1-2007, the garage exhaust rate is to be sized to 0.75 cfm/ sq.ft. In the Proposed model, the rate of the actual project however is sized to the local norms which is less than those of the standard. Additionally there is a CO control sensors, which setting is on a CO concentration of 20 mg/m3. From other site, the minimum air flow of the Proposed is always greater than 0.05 cfm/ sq.ft. as per the requirement of CIR 10371.
The question is:
Are there any circumstances that prevent entering the garage rate in the Baseline as per the standard and at the same time to enter the garage ventilation rate in the Proposed as per the actual design.
You support is highly appreciated.