The following issue is somehow not clear and any support is highly appreciated.
The project belongs to system 7 (LEEDv2009) and has to be modeled with one AHU system per floor. In one of the floors there is a conference room, which is modeled as DCV. In the Proposed (i.e. original project design) this room is assigned to a separate AHU serving only this room.

As for the Baseline - should this room also be assigned to a separate AHU or the AHU serving for the whole floor should be entered in MEPCalc as DCV system.

We've been thinking to assign this room to a System 3, but it is mentioned that it refers to public buildings. Is it possible in this case to assign this conference room to a single System 3. This approach however is explained in version 2013, which is not the version we've been registered, so any advice is more than welcome.