• Modeling a Data Center: 1,682.34 sq. ft.
  • Call Center: 8,389 sq. ft.
  • Offices: 4,600 sq ft.
  • Common Spaces/Other: 17,126

The data center has an IP load with a power density of 3.2 kW/m2 or 297 W/ft2. The room has a separate HVAC system in the baseline building. The question is - does it mean that system 13 should be applied for the Baseline. The proposed HVAC is not designed with VAV. It is Liebert units with glycol dry coolers with free cooling.

However the Dry Cooler loop also serves two other rooms: UPS Room and a Call Center (for supplemental cooling for a large Media Center. The call center already has a two roof top units that heats/cools the space). Offices and other common areas have thier dedicated systems as well in the proposed design.

First question is - Is System 4 appropriated as the baseline HVAC?

Second, looks like I may need to also complete this calculator "2009 and v4_Minimum Energy Performance Data Center Calculator_v02.1"  in addition to the Energy Model and the "v2009_Minimum Energy Performance Calculator_v09". Is this correct?

Thanks in advance for your help!