This is the issue: the banking branch in question will be located in a new shopping center. My client (the bank) will rent a small one-story building in the complex for its banking branch, and the shopping center will basically provide parking, wastewater treatment and the building envelope. My client will then be responsible for a complete interior fit-out and the provision of the HVAC system of the building.

Under these circumstances, do you think it would be more appropriate to certify the project under LEED for Retail NC or CI?

I think CI would make more sense, because my client will not own the building or have any control over the building construction, its orientation, the envelope materials, etc.

However, I am uncertain because: the building is not built yet (it will start construction this month), my client may alter the facade (for branding and signage) and the scope of work includes the provision of core mechanical systems (HVAC). Furthermore, I am not sure whether to treat the building independently or as part of the shopping center for, for example, SSc1 Site Selection and EAc3 Measurement and Verification (assuming I would certify it under the CI rating system).

Any help or insights will be very much appreciated!