We have a project that is an industrial facility, it shares the CHW distribution piping between the comfort system and the process system.

We are informing the CxTeam that it is required to have balancing means at all connected devices, and/or at a minimum at all comfort devices and each branch going out to the process part of the CHW distribution piping.

The owner has CHW flow diagrams indicating the required gpm for their process, including future expansion. Our "requirement" to the owner is to install balancing or flow limiting devices at the process branch piping to be able to meet the requirements of section 6.4.5 and subsequently 6.7.2 of ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2007.

Any comment regarding our "requirement" is appreciated. We do not want to obligate the owner to do something that is not a Mandatory Requirement, but we also want to make sure that these are met.