To whom it may concern,
We are involving a project going to be built in Uppsala, Sweden. Its aim is to get the LEED 2009 certification for this building.
So to get a point of IEQ Credit 8.1 (Daylight), we saw that if in its manual, page 549, says that “However, designs that incorporate view-preserving automated shades for glare control may demonstrate compliance for the minimum 25 fc illuminance level). Moreover, in page 554, it says that:
“To control glare, use any of the following common strategies:
• Fixed exterior shading devices,
• Exterior light shelves,
• Interior light shelves,
• Interior blinds and louvers,
• Operable draperies and blinds
• Fritted glazing
• Electric blackout glazing”
Now the question is if we used one of the above systems to control glare, can we skip to exclude all values above 500 fc? And also, is it possible to use a screen printed glass to prevent glare and then again skip to exclude all lux level above 500 fc?