Hi all,
We have a High School project where the auditorium will mainly be used for performances and rehearsal. We have a black-box theater / drama classroom too. I assume this will be classified under the 'Auditorium' category as well? We also have a TV classroom and a TV studio. Can this be considered similar to 'Conference rooms dedicated to Video Conferencing'? Main use of these rooms is to do video recording and other AV things.

I am confused as to why we need to provide daylight in any of these spaces since anytime there is a performance / rehearsal in the auditorium or black box theater, the specialty electric lights on stage will be used and the rest of auditorium will be dark. Same for the TV classroom and studio - we dont want any unwanted daylight coming in when it is in use? Providing daylighting in these spaces seems counter-intuitive.

In addition, LEEDv4 RG just says refer to the Lighting Handbook Table 24.2. There is no mention of SDA thresholds like for other spaces.

Does anyone had any experience with this and how USGBC has handled this in the past?