We have a surfaces that we need to get SRI values from a lab.
The user's guide mentions the ASTM E 1980 to determining SRI.
Reflectance could be determined using ASTM E 903, ASTM E 1918, ASTM C 1549 and Emittance is measured according ASTM E 408 or ASTM C 1371.
Now, the lab that is giving us the quote is saying that they will obtain the SRI values using the equation 3 from the ASTM E 1980 - 01 through calorimetrc method. Reflectance and emittance will NOT be measured according ASTM E 903, ASTM E 1918, ASTM C 1549, ASTM E 408, y ASTM C 1371. Is this an OK path for getting the SRI? or emittance and reflectance are a must in order to get the SRI value?
I should mention this project is in Argentina.